Mission Statement

Reflect the character of God through humanitarian and development activities. Actively support communities through a portfolio of development activities which are planned and implemented cooperatively. Provide assurance in situations of crisis or chronic distress, and work towards the development of longterm solutions with those affected. Work through equitable partnerships with those in need to achieve positive and sustainable change in communities. Build networks which develop indigenous capacity, appropriate technology and skills at all levels. Develop and maintain relationships with our partners and constituents which provide effective channels for mutual growth and action. Promote and expand the equitable and participatory involvement of women in the development process. Advocate for and assist in the increased use of communities capacities to care for and responsibly manage the natural resources of their environment. Facilitate the right and ability of all children to attain their full potential, and to assist in assuring the child's survival to achieve that potential.

Vision Statement

ADRA is a professional, learning and efficient network that embodies integrity and transparency. ADRA reaches across boundaries empowering and speaking out for the at-risk and forgotten to achieve measurable, documented and durable changes in lives and society.

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