ADRA Madagascar is now loading Linux ubuntu on desktops


In 2009, ADRA Madagascar adopted a new policy which consisted of adopting Linux ubuntu as an official operating system for the NGO. We are now loading approximately 50 linux ubuntu systems on our desktops and Linux Debian lenny on our servers. It was designed, first, to facilitate the system administration and then to meet the donor's policy which requires the use of legal software and OS licenses.

Unlike other famous operating systems, Linux Ubuntu is free and can be downloaded easily on the web.Now we can benefit from open office program which delivers a complete and powerful solution for desktop users.

I am privileged to witness firsthand how such big change can help fighting virus and malicious programs while maintaining a good return-of-investment in the field.
The realities in the field have highlighted the need to adapt our IT system to work more effectively whether fighting viruses, keeping the system working, or meeting donor's policy.

I invite you to read more about linux ubuntu by going to this web address

Ranto Tiaray Andrianavonison
IT Specialist
ADRA Madagascar

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