ADRA Madagascar receives Ford Ranger from Kjaer & Kjaer!

ADRA Staff and 2012 Ford Ranger from Kjaer & Kjaer

On April 8, 2013, the Ford Ranger became offically ours! Materauto, the Ford dealer in Antananarivo, hosted the handover event with ADRA Madagascar staff, representatives from Kjaer & Kjaer and other guests attending. Two representatives from Kjaer & Kjaer presented Peter Delhove, ADRA Madagascar country director, with the keys to a 2012 Ford Ranger.

Last year, Kjaer & Kjaer announced the Ranger Donation Competition as part of their 50th anniversary celebrations. The first part of the competition took place on Facebook, in which 68 humanitarian projects competed to be among the top five projects with the most votes.

ADRA Madagascar's Ampanihy project was the only project from Madagascar. We finished in 4th place with 698 votes. In October, a panel of judges at AidEx in Brussels announced that we had been chosen to receive the 2012 Ford Ranger for our project.

The Ford will spend a few weeks in Antananarivo before traveling to Ampanihy to assist with our food security project. We are currently helping female heads of households practice conservation agriculture, as well as helping to train community health volunteers.

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