Teachers receive brand-new textbooks from ADRA International

Teachers examine the new textbooks and discuss how to use them to teach English in their classrooms.

On Feb. 14, large container from ADRA International and the Brother’s Brother Foundation arrived, filled with 18 pallets of new Pearson Education textbooks. The textbooks covered all different levels and subjects, including math, reading, science, music, art, and literature. Many of the books were teacher’s manuals. The books were primarily in English, with a few Spanish books as well.

After the books were sorted and recorded, representatives from Adventist schools around Madagascar were invited to the ADRA office in Antananarivo to receive textbooks for their schools.

On March 21, the event began with a short ceremony with speeches from Peter Delhove, ADRA Madagascar Country Director; Tantely Rajaobelina, Assistant Programs Director; and Henriette Randriamanantena, Director of Education for the Indian Ocean Union Mission. Tantely Rajaobelina instructed the teachers to take care of this gift and to use the books to their full potential. Henriette Randriamanantena affirmed her dedication and that of the teachers to use the books wisely.

“You have given us a great privilege,” she said. “We’ll do our best to exploit all these documents and books to help children improve their knowledge of the English language.”

After the small ceremony, the teachers gathered around tables displaying samples of the different books and excitedly discussed ways to use these new tools. Tantely called each school one by one to receive their portion of books. The teachers recorded and packed the boxes into their cars or taxis hired for the occasion.

Louis Randrianatrehana, principal of the Adventist school in Ankazobe, central Madagascar, was especially excited about the materials for younger students. “The flipcharts are the most interesting,” he said. With large pictures and lots of vocabulary, he believes that the charts will be easy to use.

The more advanced textbooks could serve two functions. “The teaching methods [in the higher level textbooks] can be used in the lower levels and the content can be used in the higher levels,” said Jemima Ralinavalona, Head of the Education Department in the Mahajanga Mission, northwest Madagascar.

Training workshops are being planned to help teachers use the books effectively. After receiving the books, each school will sign an agreement to give an annual report showing how the books are impacting the students’ performances.

ADRA Madagascar has been working to help students stay in school since 1996. With the help of ADRA International and ADRA Holland, ADRA Madagascar has provided tuition subsidy, school supplies and hot meals to thousands of students in Antananarivo and other regions in central Madagascar.

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