Youth Alive Conference held in Madagascar

Friendship Groups in the Youth Alive Conference

On April 1-7, 120 youth from six major cities in Madagascar gathered in Soamanandrariny for a Youth Alive Conference. They were divided into 10 "Friendship Groups" for the different activities during the week. On Saturday afternoon, they visited different sites around Antananarivo, including a hospice/orphanage and a prison to do community service. The final ceremony was on Saturday night and Sunday morning.

After the conference, the youth and facilitators returned to to their homes in Antananarivo, Morondava, Mahajanga, Tulear, Tamatave, and Diego Suarez. In the next phase of the project, they will create local Youth Alive groups to fight HIV/AIDS, drug use, and other high-risk behaviors in their areas.

Youth Alive is a worldwide positive peer prevention program run by the Adventist church. It aims to prevent high-risk behavior among young people by helping them from positive relationships with their peers and with God. The Indian Ocean Union Mission partnered with ADRA Madagascar to hold this event. This is the first Youth Alive program in Madagascar since 2003.

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