Flexible fund - Mahatoky

In September 2003, ADRA and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) signed a Cooperative Agreement for Flex Fund project. The objectives of the project were to increase the use of family planning methods and improve family planning and reproductive health practices, use of modern family planning methods, and adoption of safer sex behaviors to prevent STI/HIV/AIDS.The project was implemented during the period October 2003 through June 30, 2007 with a total funding of $650,994. This project titled "Project MAHATOKY" is located in the District of Tamatave I, also known as the Health District Toamasina I, town in Madagascar.

Project's activities

Project focus :

Family planning
STI AIDS prevention
Capacity building of local associations and partners
Women of Reproductive Age � WRA (25 to 49)
Seaport workers
Truck drivers
Taxi drivers
Pousse-pousse (local rickshaw) drivers
Military spouses
National and local police
Toamasina I slums'population
Female sex workers

Projects' objectives

Increase use of modern method of family planning through CBD activities
Increase men's involvement in family planning method decision making
Increase knowledge of means of STI/HIV/AIDS prevention
Increase demand of VCT
Improve quality of care in selected health services
Improve pre service education through training in STI management and FP services

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