Food Aid

Food Aid

To continue its emergency intervention in the South, in April 2007 ADRA received funding from WFP. This three-month project is continuing support to the CTC program for severely and moderately malnourished children in the same four communes, and implementing Food for Work (FFW) activities for 4,000 vulnerable families in an additional four communes: Ambovombe (rural areas), Ambanisarika, Anjeky Tsimanada, and Ambondro. Combined with continued assistance from WFP and a collaborative effort with funds from OFDA, ADRA is currently providing emergency food aid to eight communes in Androy Region in Southern Madagascar. In addition, to attempt to make the effort more sustainable, sorghum seeds are being distributed to farmers for reintroduction of this crop. WFP sorghum distribution through Food for Work and Food for Training activities should ideally protect against families consuming seed destined for the fields.

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