PMPS II (HIV/AIDS Prevention)

Programme Multisectoriel pour la Prevention du SIDA
World Bank - IDA

ADRA has recently received a grant for AIDS prevention Program, from the World Bank through the Health Ministry of Madagascar. This is a one year project (July 2010 to June 2011), with funds totaling USD 500,000.
The project targets the populations who are most at risk of HIV infection; especially young people aged 15 to 24 years, and militaries.
It will cover 15 communes in 4 regions of Madagascar. About 47,000 people would benefit from the program.

1. Objectives

The objectives of the project are
to improve the knowledge of the target groups on STIs and HIV, on issues such as the transmission, risk factors, and prevention of those diseases,
to promote safe sex behavior, especially the use of condoms.
The project will also work at increasing the use of clinical services for the prevention and care for STI and HIV/AIDS, mainly the screening of HIV.

2. Partners
Many partners are involved in the implementation of this program. The Adventist Youth will participate in the awareness rising of the young people. The health staff in Military Health Centers will help in testing for the militaries, and in distributing condoms. The health staff in public and/or private health facilities will also do testing and condom distribution.
ADRA will hire Community Workers or Volunteers who will hold mass sensitization and awareness sessions on HIV.
Similarly, ADRA will select peer educators who will conduct sensitization sessions for the militaries.

3. Activities
The project will carry out Information, Education and Communication activities for behavior change among the target groups. The approaches will vary according to the groups and the socio-cultural context.
For example, ADRA will train the young Adventists, who will share the health messages to the young people.
Moreover, ADRA will set up “Youth-Friendly services” in the public and/or private health facilities, where they can get counseling on STIs and HIV.
In order to promote the access to and use of condoms, the project will set up a community-based system, through the Community Workers or Volunteers. They will do mass sensitization and install devices where the community can get supply of condoms.
When it comes to the militaries, they will receive health kits containing condoms and basic hygiene kits.
Finally, the project will promote the use of provided services in counseling, free testing of HIV, and care for curable STIs. To assist the partner health centers in this activity, ADRA will provide them with test kits from the Ministry of Health.
Results are crucial to the ADRA/PMPS project, as it is a performance based grant. Therefore, ADRA will make sure that a reliable monitoring and evaluation system is implemented throughout the life of the project.

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