Salama Mamokatra ary Manan-talenta

The project was aimed at contributing to the alleviation of poverty among the poorest households in five communes in the Fandriana region, Madagascar, through improved opportunities for income-generating activities, improved agricultural practices, and improved health practices.It worked with 10 craftswomen and 65 farmers' associations to improve their productive, technical and marketing capacities and to ensure better availability of community-based health services.

Project's activities

The project's aim is poverty alleviation for the most vulnerable households in the 5 communes of Fandriana District. It consists in improving: - Income-generating activities, - More profitable agriculture techniques - Public health The project ensured the following axes: - Capacity Building of the Associations - Promotion and extension of rice farming techniques and market gardening - Promotion of income generating activities in agriculture and handicraft - Establishment and reinforcement of community based health services - Strengthen the capacity of associations - Promote short-cycle income-generating activities for craftswomen - Promote long-cycle income-generating activities for craftswomen - Promote improved rice farming for farmers - Promote kitchen gardens for farmers - Promote long/medium cycle income-generating activities for farmers - Establish or reinforce community-based health services

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