TANTSAHA - Food Security

Tetikasa Antoky NY Tontolo salama Ambanivohitra Sy Ny Harena Ampy

ADRA Madagascar began implementation of a Title II Food Security Program named TANTASAHA an acronym for (Tetikasa Antoky NY Tontolo salama Ambanivohitra Sy Ny Harena Ampy which in Malagasy means " the healthy and prosperous farmers' project" in October 2003.The project which was running from FY 2004-FY2009, was being implemented in the Mangoro Region comprising the Districts of Moramanga and Anosibe An'Ala, in the Toamasina Province in Madagascar.

Project's activities

The interventions covered in this grant include: Agricultural, infrastructure, natural resource management and health & nutrition. In the 22 originally entered Communes, the project has been able to reach 27,262 households totaling about 129,380 individuals and in the three new Communes, the project has started activities for some link persons as ASBCs. The goal of the Madagascar food security Project was to increase household food security for 18,000 house-holds (Approx. 144,000 people) in at least 25 of the 30 communes of the Mangoro Region.

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