Handicapped man participates in ADRA's Food for Work program


In a town called Vohimanombo Ambodiala, there is a special gentleman named Raboajanahary. What makes Raboajanahary special is his contagious smile, his motivation and personal dignity. Raboajanahary was born handicapped; he cannot walk on his feet due to improper growth and thus has to "walk" on his knees. His hands are also deformed, impacting his ability to grab or hold objects. Despite these obstacles, Raboajanahary participates in ADRA Madagascar's Food For Work program building a road in the nearby town.
Raboanjanahary is about fifty-seven years old and is married with six children. He walks two and a half hours one way to the project site where he works for five hours before walking two and half hours back home. He is able to contribute to the building of this road by chipping away dirt along the sides in order to create channels for excess water flow. Raboajanahary's family own one pig and are also farmers. During the lean season, Raboajanahary's wife and oldest daughter transport fertilizer and transplant seeds in preparation for planting season in order to obtain a meager income.
In an effort to increase development in Madagascar, ADRA recruits vulnerable individuals such as Raboajanahary to participate in their projects in exchange for food: rice and oil. For every hour a beneficiary works, they receive 2.5kilograms of rice and 0.09liters of oil. Food distributions are conducted are every ten days, therefore, beneficiaries are able to receive as much as 25kilograms of rice and 0.9liters of oil per distribution.
Raboajanahary said that he is very grateful for ADRA's efforts in Madagascar because it allows him an opportunity to provide for his family. One day ADRA will leave Vohimanombo Ambodiala, however they will be leaving behind a road increasing this community's access to goods and services that will ideally improve the quality of life for such remarkable individuals as Raboajanahary.

Kristie Sullivan

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