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ADRA Interns

During this time of year, many students in Madagascar have the opportunity to seek practical training in their area of study through internships. Universities encourage students take the opportunity to work in professional settings prior to graduation in order to transition easier into the workforce upon the completion of their studies. ADRA is eager to accept interns and they also benefit from partnering with these students by infiltrating their skills and newfound practices into the organization.

Below is a summary of interviews conducted with our interns. ADRA is interested to know what motivated them to work with ADRA, their future goals, and how this experience has impacted them.

Ianjarizafy Rabenorosoa, a 2nd year Business Management student at the Institute of Technical Training in Ambositra is an intern with the Procurement Department at ADRA and is supervised by Tantely Lovanantenaina. She is doing this internship to gain experience and performance skills. This experience will be useful in the future when it she integrates into the professional field. In addition, this internship is crucial for the completion of a higher technician diploma. She has adapted well to the regulations and conditions of the internship and she is always ready for new experiences. Ianjarizafy would like to continue her work with ADRA after she graduates from school and continue to be a participant in Madagascar’s development.

Naomy Randriamelonary is in her 2nd year in the Communication Department at the school of Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University of Antananarivo. She is an intern in the IEC (Information, Education and Communication) Department at ADRA and is supervised by Voaharisitrakiniaina Ialijaona. She chose to do an internship at ADRA because her department’s slogan is also local development. Thus, she can apply her coursework and personal skills directly to her internship. The main objective of the internship is to observe all facets of communication, which can then be utilized later in her field of work. That said, Naomy would like to incorporate this experience into her curriculum. She is passionate about her internship and she has had no problems keeping pace with the workload. Naomy believes that working for rural development is a good career path and is considering it for the future.

Celestine Hanitriniaina Ravaoarimanana, a student focusing in Local Development, is an intern in the Livelihood Department and is supervised by Faly Randranto. Her interest in local development pushed her to choose ADRA for her internship. She wanted to participate in this internship in order to gain more training as well as to fully understand and know what to expect when entering the workforce.

Kristie Sullivan is an intern from the United States under the direct supervision of the Program Director, John Ravelomanantsoa. She joined ADRA’s team for six months in order to complete the practical component of her master’s in International Development degree. Kristie has worked in Africa previously but never with a large international NGO. ADRA has been a great training ground and entry point for her into the development field. She has contributed to various aspects of the project including strategic planning, writing and editing reports and plans, monitoring field activities, and project implementation consultation. Upon the commencement of her internship with ADRA Madagascar, Kristie plans on continuing her work in Africa.

Therefore, we have found that these students intern with ADRA to gain experience, fulfill education requirements, and gradually enter the workforce. Therefore, they try very hard to integrate and keep pace with the ADRA team.

Students submit an application to be considered for the internship. Internships are based on the needs of the organization and how those needs and the students skills can best match up.

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