Meet ADRA's Interns and Volunteers - 2012

ADRA 2012 Interns and Volunteers

ADRA Madagascar always has a number of interns and volunteers who serve in many different areas of work. Some are students, others have finished school, but all of them have a passion for ADRA’s work and hope to gain experience from their time here.
Gain a new perspective of ADRA Madagascar’s operations through the eyes our volunteers and interns!

Country Office, Antananarivo
The country office in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar mainly serves in an administrative function. Here, the offices of finance, procurement, IT, communication, programs director, and the country director provide support for all ADRA Madagascar projects. It also houses the PMPS II office.

Fenitra Nasaina Rakotovao Zorombatosoa, PMPS intern
At 21 years old, Fenitra Nasaina Rakotovao Zorombatosoa studies Anglophone studies at the University of Antantanarivo. She has already completed 4 years of interpreting and diplomacy studies at ESTIIM University. Because she is interested in humanitarian work, Fenitra is serving as an intern in ADRA Madagascar’s PMPS II project. “I hope to obtain many different skills, especially in project implementation,” she said. “All the tasks assigned to me have helped me discover the main steps to realizing a project.”
“Better is not good enough, the best is yet to come,” is her motto. When she finishes her Master’s degree in English-speaking civilizations, she plans to continue her studies abroad. Eventually, she wants to become a diplomat working on building international relations.

Andoniaina Mirana Rasoazanamalala, Finance intern
“The best, nothing but the best”, is what Andoniaina Mirana Rasoazanamalala always tells herself. “During the life that God has given to me, I will always do my best because I want the best.”
Mirana is 21 years old and studies Management at Zurcher Adventist University. She is an intern in the Finance Department, assisting the accountant. Her tasks consist of making classifications, verifying documents, and doing bank reconciliations.
“An internship is really helpful to practice applying theoretical study. There’s usually a lot of work in our department, so each task needs to be accomplished with great care, such as verifying documents, for example,” she said. “I like working with ADRA’s team. For that reason, I will always work with motivation and courage during my internship here.”

Renee Cerovski, PR/Communications Officer
Renee is serving as the PR/Communications officer in the Antananarivo office. She publishes the newsletter, maintains the Facebook page, updates the website, and assists the different projects as needed. She arrived in Madagascar in May. Before coming to ADRA Madagascar, she worked in the SDA Language Institute textbook office in Seoul, Korea.
Renee graduated with degrees in music and print journalism from Southern Adventist University in 2010. She likes to write, travel, surf the internet, listen to music, and play the piano. Her parents and younger brother live in Virginia, USA.
“Since I’ve come to Madagascar, I’ve enjoyed learning more about the people and the culture. I am very happy to work with all the staff to show the world what ADRA is doing in Madagascar!” she said.

Vololoniaina Randrianasinoro, PR volunteer
Vololoniaina Randrianasinoro, known as Vololona, is a volunteer assisting the Public Relations officer in the ADRA Madagascar administration. She has completed 4 years at the University of Antananarivo in communication. Before volunteering at ADRA, Vololona had already completed several communication and journalism internships with Oasis Radio, National Malagasy Radio, and the music website, lemurecords. Last year, she explored another other branch of communication, event organization, with the communication agency, Media Consulting.
“I have a passion for what ADRA does. Its mission encourages me to give the best in my work,” she said. Vololona hopes to continue working with ADRA when she finishes volunteering.

Sitraka Razafimandimby, Finance volunteer
“I’m a volunteer because I want to make my contribution,” said Sitraka Razafimandimby, a volunteer in the Admin Finance department. She has a two-year degree in informatics from CNTEMAD and is a 3rd year economics student at Antananarivo University. Her role in ADRA consists of assisting the accountant in his work, particularly in verifying documents and doing bank reconciliations. Sitraka’s aspiration is to work in a global organization. For that, ADRA Madagascar is her first step to obtain serious work experience.
Sitraka’s interests reach beyond finance to the other departments. “There are many things I want to discover and learn in each department, but I don’t have enough time,” she said.

Elisoa Nirina Randriambololona, Finance volunteer
Elisoa Nirina Randriambololona is 21 years old and has just obtained her two-year degree in Management at Infocentre University. She is a volunteer in the Finance department in the Country Office in Antananarivo.
“I want to obtain experience in finance and I wish to be trained by the professional world,” she said. “The work given to me is doing bank reconciliations, verifying documents and making copies,” she continued. “I plan to continue my studies after this six-month volunteering period. My studies will be focused in management and finance. Later, entrepreneurship and accounting are fields which interest me.”

SALOHI Office Ambositra
The ADRA’s SALOHI project office is a former hotel in Ambositra that has been converted into offices. It serves ADRA’s entire SALOHI project, which focuses on two regions: Amoron’i Mania and Vatovavy Fitovinany. This building includes the offices of the project director; the heath, agriculture, and resilience coordinators; Information Education and Communication; Monitoring and Evaluation; and more. Because it is located in Amoron’i Mania, it also houses the Amoron’i Mania regional office.

Hantaniaina Yolande Rabemanantsoa, M & E intern
Hantaniaina Yolande Rabemanantsoa is a volunteer with Monitoring and Evaluation in ADRA’s SALOHI project. She is 23 years old. Yolande received training in computer usage at the Professional Formation Center of Vatovory Ambositra after one year of study at Andrianjato University in Fianarantsoa.
She decided to volunteer with ADRA’s SALOHI project in order to obtain experience in the world of work, and to become more mature in time management. Her role consists of printing the recipient list of pregnant and lactating women and children less than sixty months old. Yolande also classifies detailed records for the TDC report and verifies the master list of beneficiaries and data in the database program.
“At the beginning, I had difficulty adapting, both with work and interpersonal relations, but it’s as we always say: it’s with patience and perseverance in work that you and your family can receive benefits,” Yolande said.

Aida Gemechu, Assistant Health Coordinator
Aida Gemechu serves as the Assistant Health Coordinator, working under Dr. Joachim Andriamitantsoa in the areas of health and nutrition. Aida is from Loma Linda, California, but her parents were born in Ethiopia.
Aida has two Masters degrees: an MBA in global management and a Master’s in Public Health, concentrating in global and reproductive health. Before coming to Madagascar, she was a contractor for the U.S. government in Cairo, Egypt. She worked for the Center for Disease Control planning and implementing public health disease surveillance training and laboratory management training.
“I’m happy to be here. I’m excited about the project, and I’m looking forward to a great experience,” Aida said.
Aida hopes to continue working with ADRA after her internship.

Tahina Aromangamalala, M& E intern -internship completed
Tahina Aromangamalala was an intern with Monitoring & Evaluation in ADRA’s SALOHI project. She is 26 years old and a third-year economics and management student at the University of Fianarantsoa. She has also studied informatics at Madavision. Her work consisted of verifying and classifying folders and the recipient list. The goal of her internship was to discover how a project runs. For Tahina, this three-month internship permitted her to learn many lessons, such as punctuality, communication, and also spirituality.
“An internship is absolutely essential for acquiring experience in the professional world if one wants to be qualified and operational. In my opinion, theoretic study doesn't have much value without field implementation and practices. These three months have really helped me to see the real world of work and its difficulties, particularly in going out to the field. The work is a little difficult but just needs flexibility. After finishing my studies, I want to work with development projects,” she says.

Tiana Mijoro Fandresena Randrianarisoa, MIT intern -internship completed
Tiana Mijoro Fandresena Randrianarisoa is a 20-year-old student in her second year of network informatics at Athénée Saint Joseph University at Antsirabe. Wishing to increase her knowledge of networks, Tiana worked as an intern at ADRA’s SALOHI project in the MIT (Managed Information Technology) department for three months.
“Practicing internship permitted me to complete my theoretical study. I took advantage of the three months of my internship to observe cases on the network, the process of preparations, and machine operations for networks. When I complete the five years of my telecommunication degree, I want to work in telecommunications as a network specialist. In the meantime, I feel more mature and better qualified to work with computer networks, thanks to my internship with ADRA’s SALOHI project in Ambositra,” said Tiana.

Peace Corps Volunteers
Peace Corps is an independent U.S. government agency that provides trained volunteers for countries requesting assistance. Volunteers work with local governments, communities, schools, and small businesses in many different areas, such as education, and health, community economic development. –

Two Peace Corps volunteers work in ADRA’s SALOHI project. Charity Yoro works in Ambositra, and Teena Curry works in the Vatovavy regional office in Mananjary.

Charity Yoro, VSL Assistant
Charity Yoro is from Hawaii, USA. She has lived in Madagascar with the Peace Corps for 19 months. She joined ADRA’s SALOHI project in July as an assistant to the Village Savings and Loan (VSL) coordinator. VSL is a relatively new program for ADRA’s SALOHI project. VSL creates small groups of villagers that save money together and take small loans from the savings.
Charity studied business at the University of Hawaii. Before she came to ADRA, she has used her understanding of business and finance to do VSL in Imito, a small town about 20 km from Ambositra. Charity is happy to work with ADRA in the SALOHI project’s VSL program. Although it has only been in place for three months, she has already begun to see results. “It’s really cool to see how much of an impact it’s already having in these communities,” she said.
In the future, Charity plans to continue working with financial services in underserved populations, entrepreneurs and small business owners from disadvantaged backgrounds. “Peace Corps and ADRA are providing me the experience and background to get a job in that field!” she said.

Teena Curry, Regional Health Officer Assistant
Teena Curry started working with ADRA’s SALOHI project last month, but she is not new to Madagascar! She has worked with the Peace Corps in Madagascar for more than two years and has extended her contract for another year. Before she came to ADRA, Teena worked as a community health volunteer in Amparafaravola. Now, she is based in ADRA’s Mananjary regional office. She assists the regional health (SO1) officer, Célestine Rasoarivelo with SALOHI health activities.
Teena is from Seattle, Washington, USA. She studied sociology and human rights from the University of Washington, and has a Masters of Public Administration from Syracuse University. She hopes to transition into a career in global health. “Working with ADRA provides me with hands-on experience in health program management,” she said.

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