Partnership is going well for ADRA SALOHI


ADRA Madagascar is one of many members of the Ministry of Agriculture who is working for greater development in the Amoron’I Mania region. Therefore, ADRA Madagascar, through the efforts of the SALOHI project in this region, collaborates with other organizations and entities in an effort to achieve greater efficiency and lasting sustainability.

In the past few months, ADRA Madagascar has collaborated with the Regional Office for Rural Development (DRDR) in Ambositra in an effort to educate and distribute rice seeds in areas where Project SALOHI is already working. ADRA has prioritized this partnership as this seed project targets the most vulnerable of Madagascar, one of SALOHI’s major target groups.

These rice seeds were donated by JICA – a Japanese sponsored project. Madagascar is just one of 23 African countries to receive them. These rice seeds have a short growing season and have already been tested and ensured that they can grow in this climatic region by FOFIFA, making them ideal for vulnerable people. The DRDR in Ambositra, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and JICA, recently received 50tons of rice seeds. The DRDR, as a representative of the Ministry of Agriculture, does not have enough trainers to educate and distribute the seeds to the beneficiaries; therefore, they seek collaboration with local NGO’s like ADRA to assist in this endeavor. The DRDR provides a technical document to the participating organizations outlining planting techniques, fertilizer suggestions, and awareness of plant diseases and available chemical products.

These rice seeds are given freely by the DRDR but they require five fruit trees be planted with the rice. This objective is three fold: protection of the environment (soil structure), valorization of mountain space, and for providing extra income for the beneficiaries from their fruit sales. The DRDR does not receive anything in return but they do require the partnering organization to conduct follow-ups and ensure the correct procedures are being followed.

Due to crop cycles and seasons, these seeds should be planted in November. Therefore, ADRA Madagascar has been busy the last few weeks distributing 1757 kilograms of rice seeds to 502 lead farmers and community animators, if they have finished being trained in this area, in hopes of providing additional income generating opportunities for the most vulnerable of Madagascar. Each beneficiary receives 3.5 kilograms of seeds and all the profits from the rice and the fruit go directly to the farmer.

We hope that this distribution and technical training will impact the beneficiaries so that the farmers are inclined to follow the training they received in the future and continue to see an increase in crop yield. In addition, this project helps to tackle the food security problem in Madagascar.

This project was a good experience in collaborating with other NGO’s and we look forward to partnering with other organizations or government entities in the future!

Kristie Sullivan

Pictures group

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