FANONGA – A new project for food security

On September 24th 2020, ADRA launched FANONGA, a food security project funded by BMZ, the German Ministry for Cooperation and Economic Development. FANONGA, meaning progress in Malagasy, will intervene during three years in Ampanihy, a district of Atsimo Andrefana Region in the South of Madagascar, affected by drought and food insecurity. 

FANONGA will reach 37,000 people of 7,500 households by implementing agriculture, livestock, water, sanitation and hygiene, and disaster and risk management activities. These activities will improve access to food, health status, and resilience to natural disasters mainly drought among those targeted communities.

In order to achieve sustainable changes within the community, the project will work hand in hand with government partners. As a sign of this strong relationship, the launching event was attended by a number of government officials including the mayors, members of parliament, and the Governor of the region.