Amélioration de la Sécurité Alimentaire et Augmentation des Revenus Agricoles
European Union

ADRA is working in partnership with local NGOs Association Intercooperation Madagascar and Manambina to improve agricultural production and market access in the southern districts of Bekily and Betroka. We will work with almost 225,000 beneficiaries in 21 communes in Betroka and 195,000 beneficiaries in 21 communes in Bekily. ASARA is funded by the European Union and will last for 47 months.

ASARA has three main areas of work. First, we will work with the Agriculture Servcies Centers and the private sector to increase access to services and agricultural supplies for farmers. Secondly, we will introduce new agricultural techniques and technologies to increase production, especially through the use of improved seeds. Techniques will be showcased in demonstration fields. Finally, we will improve infrastructure through improved irrigation canals, and roads that improve market access.

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