Safe water for education

In a region where clean water is a rare resource, ADRA builds wells for the community so children become healthy and keep going to school.

All the Colors of the Food Pyramid

Rainbow Food improves diets for children and mothers in Mahasoabe

Agricultural Training Gives School Dropout a Second Chance

A single mother becomes a successful lead farmer and goes back to high school.

ADRA fights against hunger and maintains children in school

The School Feeding Initiative project provides life-saving meals to 17,402 students in a region hit by drought.

Fighting drought with sorghum (French)

Sorghum crop introduced by ADRA ZINA thrives despite of poor rainfall.

ADRA builds resilience within a community fragilized by drought (French)

22,500 vulnerable people in Ampanihy, a region affected by drought, receive support in agriculture, livestock, nutrition, and access to safe water.

Emergency relief for flood victims

In January 2020, when the government declared a state of national disaster, ADRA distributed emergency kits to 350 vulnerable families.

Covid-19 response: 470 needy families receive assistance

With the support of Latter-Day Saint Charities Church, ADRA distributed emergency kits to support families impacted by the crisis.

ADRA Madagascar and Netherlands, a partnership for education

Highlights on education projects funded by ADRA Netherlands in Antananarivo.

Changing lives serie

Episode 1: Beginning

Discover ADRA in Madagascar, what we do, who and where we serve, who are our supporters ?

Episode 2: Compassion

Testimonial of a young volunteer working with ADRA during its disaster relief responses.

Episode 3: Love

Portrayal of ADRA’s education projects through the story of a brave young boy, who goes to school against all odds.

Episode 4: Engaged

This is the incredible story of a teacher who committed himself to provide education to all the children in his village.