Success stories


Health activities improves babys and Antonyque’s life.

Driven by a strong motivation, Jeanine encouraged all the group members to change.

Fazila got opportunity to access to new sources of income and to promote economic empowerment.

Drought response improve a mother of eight children’s life.

Road User Association provides for the safe transportation of villagers traveling in and around Ankazofady.

Local couple plant trees to fight erosion.

The villagers of Ambodifanovo have made it their mission to protect their water point, so that it can continue to
protect them.

A single mother and high-school dropout leads her community toward prosperity and education.

Local Community Health Volunteer trains mothers on newborn health.

Rainbow Food improves diets for children and mothers in Mahasoabe.

Farmer Field School inspires local woman to improve her life and her community.

Community change begins with hardworking local couple.

Adult literacy training turns illiterate farmers into confident business people.

Local nurseryman boosts income with improved techniques.

Community-based agriculture provides financial security for vulnerable farmers.