Student Aid

With funds from ADRA Netherland, the project gives an opportunity to children from needy families to complete primary education by providing them with school supplies and paying part of their tuition fees.

The project supports 167 students in three Adventist schools in the capital city.

Eijkelenboom Kinder Fonds

Through this fund, ADRA Netherlands works with ADRA Madagascar to improve the learning and teaching environment for 1,039 students in the three schools that it is supporting. In 2020, the project renovated and built new infrastructure including toilets, kitchen and canteen, and donated educational tools to those targeted schools.

School Lunch for Needy Children

Since 2014, ADRA has implemented a school feeding project with the support of Rise Against Hunger. This aims to reduce malnutrition and increase academic success rate. During school year 2018-2019, 16,974 students from 73 schools benefited from the project, and received rations of fortified rice each school day.

Kaleba Aina

This project funded by ADRA France benefits 120 students and 15 orphans in the Aina school and life center in Andakana, on the outskirt of the capital city. During 2020, new infrastructures – well, latrines, training center, reception center – are built to improve access to education for needy children and young people in the area.