Recovery of Waste in Developing Countries

This is a research and development project targeting primarily waste management and use of efficient cooking stove and renewable energy. Development of efficient biodigester using organic waste (OW) and organic waste for human body (OWHB) at household level will allow a better waste management. Since the existing systems are expensive, the project will allow development of affordable biodigester that will fit within specific conditions especially related to digestion temperature.

Carbon Neutral Strategy Pilot

Beneficiaries of the project are local people regrouped in a local association called Tamia who has 750 members inside 9 villages in the rural commune of Saint Augustin (Atsimo Andrefana Region). Then, more than 50 ha of mangrove reforestation areas has been found by remote sensing.

Mobile Dental Clinic

In February 2016 , ADRA received a mobile dental clinic from International Caring Hands, a non-profit organization based in the States. The objective of this project is to provide free dental services to those who are unable to obtain dental treatment. So far, ADRA has held five campaigns in rural communes of Madagascar.


ADRA has a National Emergency Management Plan (NEMP) which allow him to intervene quickly as soon as a disaster occurs.

ADRA Drilling Drig

ADRA dispose d’une équipe compétente et des équipements adéquats pour réaliser tous travaux de forage: aménagement de source; mise en place de dispositif d’extraction type manuel, solaire ou électrique. ADRA promeut également l’hygiène et l’assainissement à travers les projets qu’il réalise.

Wash Audio Visual Education

The project will seek to promote WASH behaviors that prevent disease outbreaks and cross-contamination in the capital city of Antananarivo through a campaign of mass media sensitization. The total expected project duration is 6 months, from August 1, 2020 to January 31, 2021.